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Energy Advisor


I’m a registered Energy Advisor working with licensed service organizations. I complete EnerGuide home energy evaluations & issue reports that help you understand how your home uses energy. I’ll help you Identify retrofits that can create warmer homes, reduce energy bills & lower your carbon footprint. Use your evaluation reports to qualify for federal, provincial and municipal grants as well as some rebates and interest-free loans.

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Comfortable Homes


Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and free of drafts. Improve your homes ventilation and air quality. Never finding your home too dry or too humid.

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Reduce Energy Bills


Newer windows and doors, alongside high-efficiency lighting and appliances not only save money and energy, they also look great to buyers.

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Smaller Carbon Footprint


All the efficient features and elements work together to lower energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink the home’s carbon footprint.

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